Alum Organic Deodorant Spray, 100ml

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Our certified organic spray deodorant offers a harmonious blend of nature’s finest elements – a balanced mix of 100% mineral alum stone, soothing aloe vera, and the essence of rose and orange blossoms. It’s a meticulously crafted solution, designed with natural efficacy in mind.. Now, let’s talk about alum stone. It’s a true marvel of nature, forming through the crystallization of mineral salts. This 100% natural wonder is your secret to perspiration control throughout the day, acting as a gentle yet robust barrier against unwanted sweating. With its inherent astringent properties, alum stone even helps shrink your skin’s pores, effectively preventing the formation of odor-causing bacteria.. This is not just a deodorant; it’s a testament to organic excellence and natural effectiveness. Experience freshness, purity, and confidence like never before. Welcome to a world of balanced, professional self-care.. Without propellant gas, alcohol, perfume, coloring, paraben or aluminum chlorohydrate, this fresh mist does not block perspiration and lets the skin breathe while being extremely soft.. Suitable for both women and men, it is used daily as a deodorant for the armpits but also for excessive sweating of the feet and hands, as an aftershave or for skin care. problems.. Does not leave marks on clothes.