Aroma Diffuser Lisalia – 60 m²

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SOS sleep diffuser. Looking for ways to make it easier to fall asleep? Aromatherapy through an essential oil diffuser will help you relax and drift into a restful sleep.. 4 programs:. – Diffuser runs and turns off automatically after 30 min, the intensity of the light gradually decreases.. – 2 hours,. – 4 hours or. – 6 hours. – it’s up to each individual to choose what suits them best.. Its delicate mist humidifies the air in your room for even more comfort. You can easily adjust the light intensity with the turning wheel.. Covers rooms up to 60 m². Water tank: 280 ml. Humidifier. Silent. UltraSonic – Cold Diffusion. Use 8-10 drops of essential oil. 5 year factory warranty. Designed and made in France