Aroma Diffuser Viennese

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Unwind with the Aroma Diffuser Viennese, which offers a timeless and elegant way to scent your living space. This modern device features a 300ml water tank, 7 colors, and a supersonic motor that runs silently. Add your favorite essential oil for an instant sense of relaxation. It also includes a Bluetooth speaker and color-changing ambient light, so you can easily customize your atmosphere.. Tank capacity: 300 ml. LED light with 7 colors: Select the option for automatic color changing or choose your favorite color to remain constant.. Includes a USB power cable (1 meter in length), compatible with all 5V USB adapters, such as those used for mobile phones. It can also be connected directly to a power socket.. Using only organic essential oils in the aroma diffuser is crucial because it ensures you are inhaling pure, chemical-free fragrances, promoting a healthier environment and well-being.. Programs: 2-4-8-16 hours. Bluetooth speaker. Humidifier. Automatic shutdown when water runs out