Bay Laurel Organic Hydrosol, 200ml


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Organic Bay Laurel hydrosol (Laurus nobilis) is recognized for its purifying and astringent properties for the skin. 100% organic, micro-filtered and preservative-free.. Antiseptic, it’s a delicious mouthwash and gargle for infection and general dental hygiene or bad breath. Put in a small spray bottle and carry it with you to use as a hand sanitizer.. Bay Laurel is a good after-dinner digestive, particularly after a rich or fatty meal. It will relive gas or bloat associated with excess.. Stimulating, it helps fight against fatigue.. Indispensable in the kitchen, bay laurel can be added to every savory dish. Sprinkle it on cooked pasta, and add it to sauces or soups with fish or meat, juices, and salad dressings. One of the tastiest hydrosols of them all.. – Purifies combination and oily skin. – Revitalizes hair. – Astringent and skin tonic. – Antiseptic, refreshing. – Digestive soothing. – Stimulates concentration. After opening, keep in a cool place and use within 6 months.. Read our Blog post for how to use it and why