Elysian Glass Aroma Diffuser

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Discover our elegant ultrasonic glass diffuser, a masterpiece that serves both as a diffuser and humidifier, designed to envelop your space in the exquisite scents of essential oils.. Crafted from premium glass, this diffuser offers you the flexibility to set the ambiance with two diffusion settings: a continuous stream of aromatic bliss or an intermittent cycle, releasing scents for 25 seconds followed by a brief 10-second pause.. It’s perfect for spreading the natural essence of essential oils across spaces up to 20 m², enhancing your environment not just with scent but also with a choice of soothing or energizing light colors.. Key Features:. Ultrasonic technology doubles as a diffuser and humidifier.. Elegant glass construction.. Customizable diffusion: continuous diffusion or enjoy the rhythm of a 25-second diffusion followed by a 10-second rest.. Efficiently scents a room up to 20 m².. 100 ml capacity tank for prolonged enjoyment.. Create a personalized atmosphere with a light feature that offers both changing and fixed color options.. Up to 3 hours of continuous operation, with an auto-shutoff feature for safety when the water level dips too low.. Use with essential oils.. Stability ensured by three non-slip feet.. Comes with a USB cable for easy powering.. Elevate your space with our ultrasonic glass diffuser, a symbol of sophistication and wellness, designed to bring the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy into your home or office.