Frankincense Organic Essential Oil, 5ml

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Organic Frankincense is a great choice for mature and oily skin – its properties help to improve skin tone and soothe and soften wrinkles while at the same time balance sebum levels. Frankincense is also known to be calming and beneficial for respiratory disorder like asthma or bronchitis. Plus, it also helps reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks.. USE THIS FOR. – Coughs, colds, bronchitis, and asthma. – Skin infection, wounds, and scars. – Mature and oily skin. – Wrinkles, sun spots and stretch marks. – Urinary tract infection. – Mental fatigue, depression, and nervousness. – Stress, tension, mental or physical exhaustion. – Heavy menstrual bleeding (dysmenorrhea). – Focus and concentration. – Immune system