Juniper Berry Organic Essential Oil, 10ml

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Juniper berry oil is celebrated for its detoxifying and purifying effects, aiding in reducing fluid retention, cellulite, and acne. It also promotes mental clarity and stimulation, while providing relief from joint discomfort and soreness. Additionally, this oil acts as an excellent skin tonic, alleviating conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.. 100% pure and natural essential oil obtained through steam distillation of the berries of Juniper communis. A tree that grows 4 to 6 meters tall, which loves the sun and is not afraid of the cold, Juniper has needle-like leaves and dark blue berries when ripe.. Widely used in cooking, “juniper berries” are also used to obtain the finest juniper essential oil, extracted by steam distillation from the crushed and dried berries. They must be handpicked to avoid any contact with the other immature berries that appear at the same time.