Marjoram Organic Essential Oil, 10ml

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Discover the luxurious scent of Marjoram oil, a 100% pure and organic essential oil steam-distilled from the flowering tops of Origanum majorana L. Suitable to use in aromatherapy for a range of ailments, such as helping to relieve arthritis, migraines, flatulence, indigestion, muscle- and joint aches and pains, and poor circulation to mention a few. With its elegant aroma and exclusive composition, Organic Marjoram is the perfect addition to your home aromatherapy.. USE IT FOR. – Arthritis. – Brain Health. – Coughing. – Flatulence and indigestion. – High blood pressure. – Insomnia. – Irregular periods and PMS. – Menopause. – Migraines. – Muscular aches & pains. – Joint aches & pains. – Poor circulation. – Sinusitis. – Stress