Olive Organic Oil

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100% pure and natural extra virgin oil obtained by grinding and mixing the pulp of Olea europaea. It takes an average of 5 kg of olives to make 1 liter of oil.Extra virgin olive oil knows how to be as beneficial inside our body as outside. It is a queen oil in the kitchen! It contains large amounts of antioxidants, is antibacterial, and rich in vitamin A, D, E and K as well as in polyphenols. It’s also good for inflammation and skin care.. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin: Olive oil is a natural emollient, which means it helps to lock moisture into the skin. This makes it an excellent choice for people with dry or dehydrated skin, including those with sensitive skin. Olive oil contains squalene and vitamin E, which help to support the skin’s moisture retention and absorption capacity.. Soothes and calms irritated skin: Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe and calm irritated skin. This makes it a good choice for people with sensitive skin that is prone to redness, dryness, or flaking. Olive oil can also help to reduce itching and inflammation caused by skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.. Protects the skin from environmental damage: Olive oil contains antioxidants, such as vitamin E, that help to protect the skin from environmental damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage skin cells and contribute to premature aging. Olive oil’s antioxidant properties can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as protect the skin from sun damage.. In addition to these three benefits, olive oil is also a good source of vitamin A, which helps to promote skin cell turnover and collagen production. Olive oil is also non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores. This makes it a good choice for people with sensitive skin that is prone to acne.