Organic Aloe Vera Face Cream, 50ml

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Formulated by Propos Nature in Provence from fresh and pure Aloe Vera juice, Lov’Aloe Face Cream takes care of sensitive and dry skin.. Purifying and Nourishing: Combines purifying white clay, nourishing shea butter, and organic Sesame and Olive vegetable oils.. Regenerating Elements: Includes regenerating copper and zinc for daily revitalization.. Natural Origin Ingredients: Over 99% of ingredients are of natural origin for a gentle and effective treatment.. Light and Soft Texture: Offers a fluid, light, and soft texture for pleasant application.. Ideal Daily Treatment: Quenches and soothes the skin naturally and gently, perfect for daily use.. Non-Greasy and Protective: More than 99% natural origin ingredients and 29.9% organic, providing a non-greasy, non-sticky, protective, and penetrating treatment.. Loving Skin Care: Treats your skin with love, ensuring it’s finally cared for with the utmost attention.. Provence Laboratory Formulation: Crafted with fresh and pure Aloe Vera juice for sensitive and dry skin care.