Peppermint Organic Hydrolat, 200ml


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Experience relief and comfort with this Organic Peppermint Hydrolat. Its cooling and soothing qualities make it a great first aid option for bug bites, stings and itchy skin, as well as jetlag and excessive heat. Spray the whole body in cases of sunburn or hot flashes, use as a digestive aid, and for soothing headaches and migraines. Click on usage tips to see its fresh benefits!. SUPER POWERS. Circulatory – beneficial for the system that moves blood through the body (heart, arteries, and veins). Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation and swellingCarminative – settles the digestive system Refreshing – gives new strength or energy to the body; reinvigorateAnalgesic – pain reliverSkin tonic – refreshes and revitalizes the skinAstringent – tightens the tissues, reduces fluid loss