Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil, 10ml


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Say hello to sweet relief with our Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil! With its emotionally uplifting properties, it’s the perfect remedy for a foggy mind and troubled spirit. Its refreshing aroma can help calm stress and tension, and promote a positive outlook – plus, it can help protect against infections, colds, and flu! It’s great for oily skin and cellulite, too. Get ready to feel and smell amazing!. ! This citrus oil is NOT phototoxic (when an essential oil cause a skin reaction when exposed to the sun. This is called photosensitivity or phototoxicity). According to research done by Dominique Baudoux in his book: Contemporary French Aromatherapy.. The scent of Sweet Orange essential oil is sweet and fruity.. USE THIS FOR. – Cellulite. – Constipation and indigestion. – Depression. – Detox. – Diarrhea. – Fluid retention, poor circulation. – High blood pressure. – Immunity. – Insect repellent. – Insomnia. – Nervous tension. – Oily skin