Tivalia – Box of 3 Essential Oil Inhalers

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A dose of well-being always at hand? Yes, that’s what this box of 3 inhalers offers you. Each of these inhalers is marked with a symbol: a rocket to symbolize energy, a meditation posture to evoke relaxation, and a bird for the desire to breathe better.. The 3 different colored inhalers each carry a small symbol to help you find your favorite essential oil synergies at a glance.. Need energy? Put a few drops of peppermint or lime essential oils on the cotton wick of your “rocket” inhaler. A deep breath and you get through the marathon of your days more easily.. Want to find peace? A few drops of Zen or Lavender on the cotton wick of your “meditation” inhaler and you will be filled with serenity at any time of the day.. Need to breathe deeply and fight cold and flu? Pour a few drops of the Respirez synergy or Eucalyptus essential oil to take full advantage of the respiratory properties of essential oils.. An ideal gift box to offer to all those who dream of discovering the benefits of aromatherapy!